Solaire - Eolien
Solaire - Eolien
Votre projet
Votre projet

Solar energy continues to grow globally, it could even compete with nuclear energy in terms of global capacity, or even completely replace it and for that the company KARMASOL is there to make its contribution. 'building set with 4 panels minimum per house in Martinique.

KARMASOL is the application of sustainable development, it is a player in the energy transition, it is the control of energy, its energy.

We help you generate your own energy!  

We therefore intervene in energy management, through renewable energy installations, such as solar or wind power, for both professionals and individuals.

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Our systems provide power to any site with buildings and we install photovoltaic solar systems for grid injection, that is to say the resale of all electricity production to EDF.





Our systems provide power to any site with a built-in site, making it possible to have electricity on an isolated site, in other words areas where there is no access to the network.


                                     -5% on the ZEN KIT

12 150.00 € TTC instead of 13 000 € TTC






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Relamping involves the installation of LED lights that consume much less energy on the electricity bill or the replacement of old conventional iodide, halogen and low-consumption lights with LED lights.



Tropicalization consists of preventing the proper functioning of electrical, electronic, computer and electro-nautical devices in a hostile environment.






Solar panels, wind turbines, hydroelectric power station, geothermal energy ... Renewable energies are becoming increasingly important, making it possible to produce electricity which pollutes the environment less and greatly reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

KARMASOL is there to make you aware of the benefits for the planet of switching to green energy by offering you various Solar kits and tailor-made Kits with upgrades if necessary while making significant savings.